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Women With Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Look To Social Media For Answers When Elmiron (PPS) Fails

One of the less talked about ways IC affects the interpersonal relationships of its sufferers is the disease's effect on one's love life

Monday, February 14, 2022 - Women suffering from interstitial cystitis know that their symptoms are real and may harm every facet of their life from their profession or occupation to their family relationships. Those looking for answers on how to alleviate their chronic bladder pain and the accompanying need to urinate too frequently should avoid using Elmiron as the drug's eye damage side effects are more than the benefits the drug carries, if any at all. Women who have been taking Elmiron regularly for more than one year have developed pigmentary maculopathy, another name for vision damage. Many have filed Elmiron Eye Lawsuits to hold Janssen Pharmaceuticals and their parent company Johnson & Johnson responsible for causing their night blindness. An Elmiron eye attorney may represent you for no fee and you will only be charged a pre-determined percentage of your settlement if your lawsuit is successful. Some studies think that Elmiron is nothing more than a placebo. More than half of the women taking Elmiron experience no benefit at all. Hundreds of women have filed Elmiron eye damage lawsuits. They seek upwards of $10 million each to compensate them for their pain and suffering and to reimburse them for their medical expenses and lost income from the past, present, and future. Women who are on Elmiron should look to the recommendations of the Interstitial Cystitis Association and join their Facebook group. Thousands of IC sufferers share their experiences with IC treatment, what works for them, and what doesn't.

One of the less talked about ways IC affects the interpersonal relationships of its sufferers is the disease's effect on one's sex life. IC sufferers complain that intercourse is extremely painful and not possible. The ICA published a YouTube video just the other day dealing with the ins and outs of coping not only with the physical aspects of being intimate but also dealing with the psychological aspect of damaging the psyche of one's sexual partner. ICA wrote on FaceBook, "IC/BPS can have a disruptive effect on intimacy and relationships. Learn tips on how to restore comfortable sexual intimacy to your life in this video entitled Navigating Painful Intercourse with IC/BPS." In the video, Dr. Nicole Cozean, founder of PelvicSanity and ICA Board Member, and the author of "The Interstitial Solution" discusses solutions to painful intercourse with Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, of Fusion Wellness and Femina Physical Therapy. Dr. Jeffcoat is the author of "Sex Without Pain: A Self-Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve." Dr. Jeffcoat focuses on pelvic and sexual health education for all and lectures internationally on female sexual dysfunction. All women with IC, their friends, and sexual partners should watch this video in full after joining the ICA Facebook group. The video contains actionable behavior one can implement immediately to possibly improve this critical aspect of one's life.

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