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Failing To Treat IC Or UTIs Could Result In Sudden Death From Sepsis or Infections

Drinking cranberry juice to treat a urinary tract infection could cause interstitial cystitis to worsen

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a condition where millions of women suffer from chronic painful bladder syndrome. A high percentage of IC sufferers develop the condition soon after childbirth. Women with IC also suffer from having the urge to urinate constantly which makes leading a normal life nearly impossible. The bladder is an integral part of the urinary system, and interstitial cystitis may be preceded or accompanied by a urinary tract infection (UTI). Doctors usually treat a UTI with antibiotics before making a diagnosis of IC. Only when bladder pain persists is interstitial cystitis treatment considered.

Since 1996 urologists have prescribed Elmiron PPS to treat bladder pain syndrome. Elmiron is the only FDA-approved drug that alleviates pain. The drug is currently the subject of hundreds of Elmiron eye lawsuits, however, that have been filed by women that allege taking Elmiron caused them to develop a form of night blindness called pigmentary maculopathy. Elmiron lawsuits could begin in 2023 once the scientific facts governing the issue are decided by a federal judge. Only a handful of scientists from both sides will be allowed to serve as expert witnesses. Elmiron eye attorneys are interviewing prospective plaintiffs to see if they qualify to file an Elmiron vision damage lawsuit. Experts believe that as many as one in four women that took Elmiron regularly may eventually develop eyesight problems.

The first thought that crosses the mind once a urinary tract infection is suspected is to drink cranberry juice which may or may not be effective. Cranberry juice is like other acidic fruit juices that can make painful bladder syndrome worsen. Women with interstitial cystitis should avoid drinking acidic fruit juices, coffee, or alcohol, as they may irritate the bladder's lining. IC and UTIs are medical conditions that could have life-threatening consequences. According to Medical News Today, "Most UTIs resolve within 1--2 days of taking antibiotics. However, a UTI could cause serious health issues without treatment, including kidney infection and sepsis. Sepsis is a very serious condition that can lead to organ failure and death.' MNT tells readers that one in three women experience a form of urinary tract infection by the age of 24.

Women suffering from interstitial cystitis are turning away from Elmiron and towards holistic remedies and lifestyle changes. Painful bladder symptoms may be brought under control by avoiding spicy, acidic foods and beverages. Holistic practitioners recommend taking highly concentrated Aloe Vera tablets and consulting an acupuncturist that treats the autoimmune system. One woman with IC told the local television news that she found IC bladder pain relief by undergoing regular acupuncture treatments. The woman was able to avoid the major surgery that her doctors recommended. The patient was advised to have surgery to enlarge her bladder, and stop the need to urinate frequently. If you or a loved one have bladder pain or have to urinate more than ten times per day, you may have interstitial cystitis.

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