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Janssen Pharmaceuticals Owe Elmiron Patients An Explantation Why They Failed To Warn Them They Could Lose Their Vision

Elmiron patients feel betrayed and are looking for plain language answers about the degree of danger they are in

Friday, September 10, 2021 - Elmiron (Pentosan polysulfate) is a medication used to treat the pain caused by interstitial cystitis (IC) and osteoarthritis. Elmiron must be taken for at least three months before enough of it accumulates in the blood to cause the intended pain relief. Elmiron eye lawsuits allege the drug causes pigmentary maculopathy or night blindness. Elmiron patients feel they have been lied to by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, and the doctors that prescribed the drug. Elmiron patients are looking for plain language answers about how dangerous the drug really is.

Elmiron patients are waking up to an increasing degree of vision damage every day. Most are told that their vision damage is caused by getting older and is natural. Scientific studies, however, are finding that maculopathy is not age-related, but in fact, is caused by taking Elmiron. Elmiron is prescribed by urologists to women alleviate bladder pain after childbirth and at other times. Since 1996 when the FDA granted Janssen Pharmaceutical and Johnson & Johnson a monopoly approval for the drug, millions of women have progressively lost their vision. Elmiron macular degeneration leads to the inability to read in less than optimal lighting, making it difficult to see while driving at night. Hundreds of women with varying degrees of pigmentary maculopathy or macular degeneration have filed Elmiron vision loss lawsuits that are organized into multi-district litigation as are most mass tort lawsuits that involve complex product liability science. The Elmiron night blindness plaintiffs seek lump-sum monetary damages to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They also want to hold Janssen and Johnson & Johnson accountable for ignoring their well-being for more than 20 years. The companies failed to acknowledge Elmiron's potentially life-altering side effects until June of 2020, more than two decades after the drug's approval. Scientists now report that Elmiron vision damage is greater the more of it one takes and are advised to not take more than the recommended daily dosage. Elmiron vision damage advances even after a patient stops taking it. Lawsuits allege the drug is dangerously defective, and that Janssen covered up their knowledge of the adverse event reports patients made to them, effectively lying to doctors, patients, and most importantly, the Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

Patients that have been on Elmiron for more than a year should see an opthalmologist to be tested for pigmentary maculopathy and establish a baseline to compare with future eyesight tests. If you or a loved one have been on Elmiron and has received a diagnosis of pigmentary maculopathy, you could qualify to file a claim seeking substantial lump-sum monetary damages. Elmiron eye lawyers conduct interviews on a no-cost, no-obligation basis. Legal experts await the results of the Daubert hearing that will commence soon that will interview scientists that will be allowed to testify to juries in individual Elmiron vision damage trials around the nation. Johnson & Johnson continues to support the sale of Elmiron and it appears that only large punitive damage jury awards will convince them to take the dangerously defective drug off the market.

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