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Super Aloe Vera Capsules Challenge Janssen Pharmaceutical's IC Pain Relief Monopoly

FDA approval of this alternative IC pain drug seems likely given Elmiron's troubles with causing severe vision damage

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - Word has gotten out that the IC drug Elmiron is in trouble and that Janssen Pharmaceuticals has a monopoly on the treatment of the disease. Since 1996, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved no drug other than pentosan polysulfate sodium (Elmiron) to be taken by women that suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC) otherwise known as painful bladder syndrome. Hundreds of women have filed lawsuits against the two makers of Elmiron and thousands of more lawsuits can be expected if bellwether trials on track for 2022 go as planned and substantial punitive damages are awarded. There is still time for women with night blindness to file Elmiron Eye lawsuits that seek to hold Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson responsible for failing to warn them of Elmiron's vision damaging side effects for more than 20 years and far too late. Elmiron vision damage lawyers interview prospective plaintiffs on a no-cost, no-obligation basis. Elmiron PPS has been proven to cause pigmentary macular degeneration, a form of night blindness that affects one's ability to see in less than optimal lighting conditions. Women suing Janssen Pharmaceuticals for causing their vision damage say the company failed to warn them for more than two decades after the company received FDA approval and that only now are they taking responsibility. All of the women suing the company say that they would have chosen to take another way forward had they received an Elmiron Eye warning about the drug's side effects. Janssen Pharmaceutical's monopoly on treating interstitial cystitis is in jeopardy as another company is now trying to bring an IC pain relief alternative to the market.

A non-pharmaceutical company has stepped forward and seeks FDA approval for an interesting new approach to treating IC bladder pain. According to BioSpace.com, a company called Desert Harvest is has developed "Super Strength Aloe Vera Capsules" they say alleviates IC bladder pain. Dessert Harvest is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements formulated with a proprietary super-concentrated aloe vera extract, according to BioSpace. The Desert Harvest Aloe Vera would be the first company to offer an alternative to Elmiron PPS, and the capsules are formulated specifically to treat IC pain. The product is 100% natural and pure aloe vera in its most concentrated form. According to the company, "Multiple studies have shown that the product helps relieve IC symptoms such as pelvic pain, urethral burning, and urgency and frequency of urination in a large majority of patients," BioSpace reported. The studies concluded that women experienced bladder pain relief almost 90% of the time, "63% citing substantial improvement in urination urgency and frequency and nearly 70% achieving substantial improvements in pelvic pain and burning." This is much higher than the 50% or so rate that women experience pain relief with Elmiron. Elmiron is not a pain relief medicine like aspirin. It must be taken for at least three months before expecting pain relief.

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