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Women With Bladder Pain Should Review Elmiron Vision Damage Warnings

After two decades of ignoring women with vision damage, Elmiron now admits it causes life-threatening vision damage

Friday, August 27, 2021 - Patients treating their bladder pain condition by taking Elmiron three times per day are risking developing a form of vision damage called macular degeneration. Forbes magazine recently published an article to that effect reporting that taking Elmiron causes severe eyesight damage and trouble seeing in less than optimal lighting conditions such as driving at night. Forbes reported studies that show Elmiron causes dark spots to form on the retina, the critical light-sensing tissues that form the back of the eyeball. Studies questioned people who have taken Elmiron for more than ten years and had no previous eyesight problems and found that "patients had atypical changes in their macula, the central part of the retina that allows us to have clear central vision. The patients described difficulty reading in dim light and diminished central visual acuity." Studies reported by the American Urological Association, Kaiser Permanente, and the American Association of Ophthalmologists came to similar conclusions. Difficulty reading, slow adjustment to low or reduced light environments, and blurred vision are all symptoms of maculopathy caused by taking Elmiron. Hundreds of Elmiron eye lawsuits have been filed and consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) to finalize the scientific facts that expert witnesses will be allowed to present to juries.

Macular degeneration was once considered age-related, and that there was nothing one could do to prevent the condition. In addition to taking Elmiron, maculopathy is a symptom of diabetes. Diabetes causes the capillaries in the eye to hemorrhage. Diabetic maculopathy is being treated with lasers to break up the spots on the retina which are just tiny blood clots. People can get maculopathy in one eye or both and wearing glasses will not improve one's eyesight. The most dangerous side effect of maculopathy is having difficulty seeing and driving at night. The implications of poor vision while driving at night need no explanation.

Hundreds of thousands of women are currently taking Elmiron and have had no warning that the drug risks permanently and irreversibly destroying their vision. Elmiron patients are advised to read the Elmiron eye warning updates on OrthoElmiron.com (OE) website and decide for themselves if it is worth the risk. Elmiron is not a painkiller in the traditional sense and has to build up the blood to become effective. Elmiron vision damage will not stop and reverse itself if one discontinues taking it but will continue to worsen if one stays on the drug. OE stresses that patients taking Elmiron do not exceed the recommended prescribed dosage and that each patient should report changes to their vision as they occur. The first sign you may notice is a gradual or sudden change in the quality of your vision or that straight lines appear distorted to you. This may gradually turn into a dramatic loss of your central vision. Other symptoms include Dark, blurry areas or whiteout that appears in the center of your vision.

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