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Women With Interstitial Cystitis May Look Past Their Doctors For Pain Relief and Urinary Incontinence Answers

Pills and medications that doctors recommend could be quackery when holistic treatment are safer and more effective

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - Women have developed pigmentary maculopathy, a form of night blindness and daytime blurry vision from allegedly taking Elmiron. Elmiron eye attorneys are there to help file a claim against Janssen and their parent company Johnson & Johnson. The number of women that file lawsuits are expected to increase over the next two to three years as the science underlying Elmiron's vision damage comes to light and bellwether trials are conducted. Legal experts think that women may be entitled to a seven-figure punitive damage award because Janssen and Johnson & Johnson may have been negligent for failing to warn them that taking Elmiron could cause blindness. Elmiron eye problems appears to be irreversible and permanent as halting taking the drug will do no good. Lawsuits already filed make this point and also seek compensation for those who have lost their profession, career, or job because their vision had deteriorated to a high degree making working too dangerous. One woman who filed suit a month ago claims that her Elmiron vision damage is so severe that she can no longer perform her outdoor job performing research because she is afraid she will fall and injure herself.

Individuals that have taken Elmiron and want to speak with an Elmiron eye damage lawyer to see if they qualify to file a lawsuit should have a diagnosis of pigmentary maculopathy from an accredited ophthalmologist as the first piece of evidence to gather. Secondly, a plaintiff must have experienced real monetary damages such as being unable to continue to work so that a dollar amount can be calculated past, present, and most importantly, for what was expected future income which they can no longer be expected to earn. A plaintiff should also be able to list the activities like reading, playing games, playing sports and other activities that Elmiron vision damage has robbed from them. It should also be noted that Elmiron may not even be an effective IC treatment an may only be a placebo.

Doctors that recommend Elmiron for women that have interstitial cystitis may be neglecting many other forms of therapy that could be much more beneficial to the patient. Doctors seem limited in the medical advice they are permitted to give and it seldom includes holistic treatments like acupuncture or herbal therapy. Doctors should focus on the list of foods recommended by the IC Network as well as the foods to avoid. Women that have IC do not experience positive outcomes after taking Elmiron. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Elmiron admit on their website that they've do not know why or even if Elmiron can alleviate IC pain or help with incontinence. Elmiron causes hair loss, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, headache, rash, dizziness, and liver problems according to the company's website of common side effects. The only side effects of improving one's diet are that your weight will normalize, you'll have more energy, and you'll be healthier and live longer. A plant-based diet could be the only medicine a woman needs to alleviate the symptoms of IC.

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